25 Dec 2010

Shooting Santa...

...a profitable low point in my artistic career! Lets face it there is no artistic value in doing the typical Santa in the mall shots, but it does provide the bread and milk money.

I decided to go for the less is more philosophy and had a single shoot through umbrella with a Nikon SB600 flash, camera set to manual, 1/80s, f5.6, customised portrait mode, jpg only (to save time). The results were quite adequate for the task at hand:

The setup
Santa with baby

Santa with another kid

Santa and Helper
Everybody loves Christmas! Except the Grinch I suppose, but he wasn't there.


  1. Well well well, not ALL children are that small as I can see... :-))) good shooting indeed and good choice of settings. As you say, it does the job, does it not? Simple and effective.

    Merry Christmas, Santa!


  2. I bet my mom still has my Santa pictures somewhere. I should ask her to look for them.

    One of these days I will also take a studio class....so I'll know how to set up lights/flash etc.....