3 Dec 2010

Our Christmas tree is up...

Hooray, hooray, oh happy day!! Don't you just love Christmas? Ours started early this year!! Hooray, hooray!

Our Christmas Tree

Nikon D90, Nikon 50mm f1.8, deliberately defocussed and hand held by the oldest kid this side of the North Pole!


  1. very nice!1I saw the christmas tree in Washinton Dc fro Norway..a plastic fanastic tree from China

    Happy weekend:))

  2. very beautiful lights !!! b.rgds.A.

  3. I don't know if I love Christmas Lanthus, but I know that I love this first photograph! You could have named it "Untitled"... such a wonderful abstract.


  4. Christmas is, for me, a time when we humans step out of our normal mode and become human again, giving and receiving love the way we were intended to do.

    Unfortunately, the great western god of commercialism has usurped the throne and tried to institute his own perverted slant on things by convincing us impressionable humans that we cannot be truly happy unless we get that latest great gadget, doodad, or zingwizz! And so in our pursuit of all things material we have lost (mostly) the simple joy that Christmas is meant to be.

    For me the company of my beautiful wife and wonderful children (and lately grandchildren) on Christmas eve, sitting around the tree and swapping poems, heart-warming stories and anecdotes, singing carols and having loving fellowship is gift enough.

    Life is good!

  5. I'm not a human again, I got tons of snow on the entrance to the garage, I'm a cyborg trying to make this place clean of snow... every day ;]

    Peace off Xmas, I'm waiting for Easter ;)

  6. You live in the wrong country! Move closer to the tropics... do I have to explain this stuff?