29 Mar 2024

The Prettiest Theater in the Whole of Landskrona

I like this building, it's simply very photogenic and nice to photograph... and just for clarity, it's also the only theater in Landskrona.


24 Mar 2024

Street Scenes in Landskrona

A town is nothing without its people and Landskrona is no different. I'm not much of a street photographer, but here are some of my humble attempts to capture some of this towns daily life.

Random Architectural Photos From Around Town

Nothing quite like just wondering about around town pointing the camera at random stuff and taking pictures. So without further ado, random architectural detail photos from around town.

Inside the Old Landskrona Town Hall

After 11 years of living in Landskrona I finally had the opportunity to get inside the old city hall with my camera. I was taking photos on behalf of an organization that works for collaboration between the various Scandinavian countries called "Föreningen Norden" and that meant I could get some great pics of this spectacular building from the inside. A win-win situation!

(Now I feel the need to get back inside with a tripod and a wider lens... oh well.)

First the Landskrona Rådhus from the outside:

...and now the central public areas on the inside:

17 Mar 2024

More Nikon 16mm Fisheye Experimenting

The Nikon 16mm Fisheye lens is a quite remarkable piece of tech in that it can actually record a full 180°. This sucker can see sideways! But straight from the camera the best I could get was this:

Not as wide as hoped and of course a little dull and dark... put it through DxO PL6, adjusted a few settings and discovered that there was more photo that was not originally revealed:

I then decided to squeeze a bit more out, played with the manual distortion buttons a bit as well and got this very wide and less fisheye looking photo:

Along the way I found that this lens really has very limited use but if used creatively in the right setting it can deliver interesting results. Not every bodies cup of tea, but interesting none the less.

16 Mar 2024

Tulips in the Studio

Decided to shoot some tulips in my tiny studio. 

Nikon D850, 24-120mm f4 lens @120mm, f11, two Speedlights fired and controlled wirelessly via Nikons CLS & shot through an octobox to camera right and a gobo from under the table onto the background. Handheld throughout. I have posted a pullback shot at the end so you can see the light setup and layout.


...and lastly the promised pullback shot:

1 Mar 2024


This clinic is right by the beachfront area of Landskrona and across from the Citadel area. I photographed it at night almost two hours after sunset, hand held. Nikon D850, Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens, iso 8000, f5.6, 1/60s, -1.0 EV, processed in DxO PL6.