9 Feb 2010

Featured Photographer - Danie Bester

This was a candid shot. I was walking out of a wedding reception and saw this girl standing at the fountain. She looked sad, in contrast with all the other children playing in the background. I love the shot for the emotion and the shallow depth of field.
Danie Bester

You can find Danie's blog here.

2 Feb 2010

Am I an artist now?

I heard somewhere that you are not a true photographic artist until you have photographed a toilet. These are urinals, do they count? Am I an artist now or should I keep trying until I make it? ;-)

Recommended blog: Artphotokebek

A regular supplier of comments on my blog that actually make sense is a wonderful gentleman that I hold in high regard, Roger Gauthier. He describes himself as the photographer who came from the cold, but it looks like he is very much in the cold up there in Canada! He posts in both French and English, which is no mean feat, and his blog is always interesting, sometimes humorous, and he always has great photos to admire.

His blog: Artphotokebek
My favourite photo: The Pianist
An example of one of Roger's portraits here.

Not your usual photographer and definitely worth a visit!