10 Jul 2024

Landskrona Fairylights

Fairylights in downtown Landskrona make everyday look like it's a festive occasion, even if not much really happens at all...


Evening Pathway

A peaceful evening pathway heading promisingly through a park towards central Landskrona.

9 Jul 2024

Playful Fountains

Fun fountains that dance with a variety of colours and light up this little open area. Kids love to play here and run and jump in the water on a warm summer evening... not been to many of those this summer. 

Lund Street Scenes

Just a few street scenes in the town of Lund.

Ferries Between the two Helsings

The ferries between Helsingborg and Helsingør ply a vigorous trade of transporting passengers between the two towns in Sweden and Denmark respectively. Many Swedes head for Helsingør just to purchase the much cheaper beer, wine and spirits that the less tax happy Danes are more than willing to provide. However my wife and I did what is called a "tura" yesterday where one basically just enjoys several hours boating back and forth while enjoying food, wine and friendly conversation. It's a fun day out.

Öresund Sunset

Sunsets in Landskrona are often a marvelous affair with beautifully saturated warm reds and yellows lighting up the town and bathing it in a romantic hue. These were taken to the north of the town in the Citadel area just by the Öresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark. As usual I used the D850 with the wonderful 50mm f1.8G lens attached, and as always hand held. I set the exposure mode to highlight priority when shooting sunsets.

Fountain at Blue Hour

This fountain is located on a roundabout in the small town of Landskrona in southern Sweden. While cycling past there last night I stopped and snapped this shot with my D850 and 50mm f1.8G, handheld. Edited in DxO PL6. The magical hour or so after sunset is my favourite time to photograph in town, when the light is balanced just right between sky and electric lights something beautiful happens and the colours are superbly saturated while the lights just sparkle. Magic!