27 Feb 2024

Citadellbadet Building - Night

The building at one of the the swimming pools in Landskrona, but at night... in winter. No water in the pool right now but the building still lights up at night. I think it's very pretty.

Are Sunset Photos Cliché?

I read an article online recently where they labeled sunset (and sunrise) photography cliché. Maybe it is and if it is, what a wonderful cliché it is! Our sun has captivated us humans for many millennia and for good reason, it is such a powerful part of our lives, both giving us life and power but conversely it also influences our climate and has the power to bring about slow entropic decay and destruction.

Well whatever, I say long live the sunset photos!! Here are a few more:

23 Feb 2024

Swedish Hobbit House

In a part of the earthen wall defenses of the Landskrona Citadel there is this entrance to what can only be a Hobbit house. (I assume it's actually some kind of storage room) Very Middle Earth.

22 Feb 2024

Harbour Scenes

The harbour area around the Landskrona City Hall area is certainly worth a visit with its blend of old and modern buildings. Very photographic indeed.

Reflecting on the Landskrona Stadshus

The reflection of the Landskrona City Hall is almost prettier than the building itself.

21 Feb 2024

Landskrona (again)

Living in this beautiful little southern Swedish town means that I get to photograph it quite a lot... here are some more.

20 Feb 2024

Häljarps Mölla

I have seen this old windmill, outside the town of Häljarp, from the train many times over the years but never sought it out to photograph it until this last weekend and I'm glad I did, it is a beautifully preserved example of a 1700's mill & great to find one in such wonderful condition. The mill was in continuous operation from 1784 until the 1940s and donated to the local heritage association in 1952. The windmill is now a listed building.

19 Feb 2024

Light, Form and Texture 14

On a discovery of minimalist black and white photography where light, form and texture are more important than subject matter.


18 Feb 2024

Warm Bus Shelter

I was drawn to taking this photograph because of the great contrast of the blue evening light dominating not only the sky but the entire landscape while the bus shelter was illuminated like a beacon of warm hope in contrast to the descending dusk.

Tulips in the Studio

Just a bunch of beautiful tulips photographed in my tiny home studio today. I have included some wide shots of the lights as well so you can get a feel of my setup. Two Nikon Speedlights fired wirelessly via Nikons wonderful CLS system.


...and the pull back shots.

Light, Form and Texture 13

On a discovery of minimalist black and white photography where light, form and texture are more important than subject matter.

No Dogs (but in Swedish...)

No dogs sign in Karlslunds Parken, Landskrona, Sweden. Nature seems determined to reclaim the sign...

Translation: "Dogs are not allowed in this area."

17 Feb 2024

Graffiti Done Right

I am not always a great fan of graffiti, mostly it's just the ugly scrawls of delinquents defacing public property that ends up costing the taxpayer millions each year to remove. But done right it can become a great local art exhibit that enhances an otherwise dull and dreary space into an attraction of colour and beauty. This pedestrian tunnel under a road is just wonderfully done and turns a grey concrete structure into eyecandy. Well done to the group of young people that created it and also to the local council that granted permission for it. 👍

Light, Form and Texture 12

On a discovery of minimalist black and white photography where light, form and texture are more important than subject matter.

Abandoned Playground

During winter this playground which is normally a hub of activity with the laughing and shouting of excited children becomes an eerie abandoned place filled with a marked silence. It has its own particular beauty at such times with the contrasts of the colourful playground equipment and the surrounding forested area.

All taken with a D850 camera combined with a 50mm f1.8 lens. Hand held. Processed in DxO PL 6.

4 Feb 2024

Some Street Scenes in Landskrona

Just a few random pics from around Landskrona in southern Sweden. These were taken on my favourite walkabout camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 2 combined with the amazing Olympus 17mm f1.8, which makes for a really small setup that doesn't attract any attention and pops easily into my jacket pocket. Just a pity that when I went out yesterday the battery was fairly flat so my photo walk ended rather prematurely... rookie mistake. 😁