30 May 2012

Malmö Turning Torso Building (four)

The Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX lens is a great mobile light weight solution that is super cheap as well. Being an AFS lens it focuses fast and silently. On a crop sensor camera it gives roughly the same field of view as a 50mm lens would give on an FX camera, and this is often referred to as a "normal" lens. There is a misconception that it gives the same field of view as the human eye, but that is not true, we can see somewhat wider than a 50mm lens. They are, however, relatively distortion free, just like our eyes, so this might be where the rumour originated.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX, ISO200, Aperture Priority mode, f8, 1/640s, polarising filter, hand held, edited in Corel Paintshop Pro X4.

Malmö Turning Torso Building (three)

In the top left hand corner you can see the sun reflected, and at this time of the day it was blinding! But with the circular polarising filter it was a simple matter to reduce the glare to what is now a simple highlight that enhances the photo instead of ruining it. CPL's are the only filters I ever use on a lens by the way... but perhaps that is a debate for another time! ;-)

Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX, ISO200, Aperture Priority mode, f8, 1/400s, polarising filter, hand held, edited in Corel Paintshop Pro X4.

29 May 2012

28 May 2012

Malmö Turning Torso Building (one)

The craziest building I've ever seen, I really like it!
- More coming over the next few days.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX, ISO200, Aperture Priority mode, f5.6, 1/500s, polarising filter, hand held, edited in Corel Paintshop Pro X4.

27 May 2012

Reflection in a Humber hubcap - another one from the 350D

Taken a few years back at the "Cars in the Park" event at Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria. Always a lot of photo opportunities involving beautiful classic and vintage cars if you are in the area.

A lot more from the same day if you scroll down a bit on this page HERE!

26 May 2012

Windmill Supermarket near Hartbeespoort Dam - "Old" digital technology isn't so obsolete after all!

Taken with an "ancient" digital technology Canon 350D and kit lens from early 2005. Still looks good to me!

Best of all is that I still have the camera and it still works like new! While Canon and Nikon don't publicly rate consumer cameras and their shutters very highly, in reality they will outlast any normal use that we can throw at them. While digital cameras are quickly tossed aside by Joe Public when a newer "better" camera is released, the truth is that if you look after them they will last way longer than expected and still take great photographs. Replacing cameras every couple of years is just a marketing ploy to keep selling cameras, and it's been ingrained so deeply into us by all the brainwashing indoctrination advertising that we can justify buying that new shiny doodad thingamabob quite easily. Remember when we only used to replace cameras once they broke completely and the dealer just simply couldn't repair them any more? No? It wasn't so long ago...

Now, how about that new D7000? :-)

24 May 2012

Online Depth of Field Calculator

Most of you have probably seen this handy site before, but for us uninformed few it is still a handy learning tool:

Online Depth of Field Calculator

Just don't get too carried away by all this geeky calculation business, simply learn what you can then get out and shoot photos in real everyday situations. It's still the best way to learn!
(Although it's kinda fun to release the inner geek just a little bit! Haha!)

23 May 2012

Inside the Magical Spring Forest!

What is it with this gorgeous green that Scandinavian forests have? I never remember seeing anything like this in Southern Africa...

Tech details are mostly the same as the previous photo, except that the f-stop was changed to f8, and the shutter speed was significantly lower at 1/25s which is to be expected at the smaller aperture of course.

22 May 2012

New life in the Magical Spring Forest!

I just love to go walking in the woods of Sweden, they really do have a magical feel about them. I keep expecting to see Pixies, Fairies or Trolls at any moment!

Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm f1.8 DX, ISO200, 1/60s, f1.8, hand held with the dog pulling on my left arm in a vain attempt to continue "walkies"! (note to self: leave dog at home when taking photos)

20 May 2012


I'm sure I posted this a long time ago, but I am revisiting some of my old pics. This one is from a small town in South Africa called Potchefstroom, and once a year they have a big "cultural" festival that has degenerated into an excuse to drink too much alcohol and behave badly.

If I remember correctly, this was shot with a Nikon F65 and 50mm f1.8D combination. A real light weight setup at the time and great for "street" pics! Ilford XP2 Super 400 film, if memory serves...

16 May 2012

Harbour in Lomma, Sweden.

3 second exposure with camera propped firmly down onto a jetty while I am lying flat on my stomach.

I tore a strip off the skin of my little finger getting down on the old worn wood of the jetty, I console myself with the knowledge that at last I am suffering for my art! ;-)

9 May 2012

Nikkor AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G

As long as you don't need to get too close to small creatures that might be scared witless by the front element of the lens looming menacingly at them causing them to take off to safer pastures, this lens makes an excellent bang for not much buck!

6 May 2012

"Walking Street", Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thousands of people and not a single smile among them. What gives in Copenhagen?

Taken with the fantastic el-cheapo Nikon Coolpix L21.