22 Dec 2010

Blue flowers in black and white...

If you are on a very tight budget and don't want to spend a whole lot of money (or any at all), Picasa by Google is a simple but fairly effective editing tool. It doesn't have the options of Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or the GIMP, but it is fast and very easy to use. It has all that the amateur home photographer/happy snapper needs, so don't buy into the "I must have Photoshop" line, you can great results without blowing the bank or needing a three month course in how to use the program first! (Photoshop will not make you a better photographer either btw.)

Picasa also has a few extra little bits that make it easy to publish to Picasa's on-line web-album, resize for email, and even watermark, if you feel the need. Download it here: Picasa

Taken with a Nikon D90 and Nikon 35 f1.8DX, edited in Picasa.


  1. Beautiful B & W daisies....It looks like they are blowing gently in the wind..When I look at it, I can almost feel the breeze...Lovely capture!

  2. 100$ = Vacom Bamboo Pen&Touch + legal for commerce, new Photoshop Elements, which is enough for most photographers ;)

    And you have tablet included, hrhrhr ;)

  3. That's still $100 compared with free.