13 Dec 2010

The Power of a Fast Prime Lens!

Grand kids eating junk that will probably stunt their growth and hinder the development of their brains...

Nikon D90, Nikon 35 f1.8DX, hand held in crummy light inside a well known and popular (not sure why) fast food joint, no flash.


  1. If it only woulda be 35mm FX... ;)))

    Trash food, bleee. I mean... I like its taste even if I know its fake :/

  2. Kids love this stuff, and the company knows it. I still occasionally get these cravings myself.

    Fast lenses are wonderful, because I hate using a flash and tripods aren't always practical!

  3. I hate flash. Love fast lenses, I have an 85/1.2 for a Canon T90 and an 85/1.4 for my Contax AX. Obviously both 35mm film outfits. Did you also have fast ISO settting?

  4. I very much want that lens. Happy New Year! JS