18 Apr 2012

Hamlet and Ophelia - Helsingør Station

The statues of Hamlet and Ophelia, from Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", grace the railway station in Helsingør. They apparently are only here temporarily after being moved to several locations since they were crafted in 1937. They have been here since 2008, and I hope they stay here as they really fit with the beautiful architecture of the station building, and of course they have a view from here of the castle in Helsingør that is believed to have inspired Shakespeare as the castle that Hamlet was based in. They were made by the Danish artist Rudolph Tegner, who was also supposed to do a statue of Shakespeare at the same time but apparently, for some reason, never got around to doing it.

Isn't history fun!? :-)

1 comment:

  1. Well, this is a good one, well balanced… with a slight problem: it seems that, for whatever the reason I don't know, part of the black structure over one window is going right through the statue's head on the left side. I don't know what caused this, is it simply a kind of visual effect, of some lucky bizarre alignment? You got me here… :-)

    But whatever the answer, a very good shot. BTW, you were right about Europe, it was not North Korea or something...