10 Apr 2012

Early Morning Walk in Fredensborg Palace Gardens

Walking through the Fredensborg Palace Gardens down towards the royal boathouse (Skipperhuset) at the lake, you can just make out the building erected by Frederik IV for the royal yachts. The mist gives it all a kind of magical quality! Well worth braving the winter cold.


  1. Magical moment indeed. It says "peace"… As far as composition is concerned, it's perfect. You had no choice maybe… But no, you had a choice, like having the road from bottom left corner towards the right. I am not sure it would have the same elegance though.

  2. Ha, yes, I actually did one of those and preferred this one! Peaceful it certainly was, and cold, very cold. I am from South Africa, so these northern climes are a little chilly for me still, but I'm sure I will adjust soon enough.