6 Dec 2010

All the lonely people...

...where do they all come from?


  1. An extraordinary song by the Beatles, and it gives a sad atmosphere to this photograph. All of a sudden, it becomes something else, and for no reason, I feel sorry for this guy. What is Life, Lanthus? What is it really?


  2. I feel even more for the poor guy outside sitting on the curb while the similarly lonely guy inside at least has something to eat.

    Roger, for me life is what we make of it regardless of our circumstances. I find joy in the small things of life. The love of my wife and children, a flower growing between the rocks, a good bottle of wine, the pure joy of a child, a smile from a stranger, a really great piece of boerewors on the fire (Google it!), a sunset, the fresh morning air when I get up before sunrise, seeing something I photographed bring joy to others, the list goes on.

    Of course there are life's trials which inevitably come as well, but these simply serve to highlight the things of joy that abound in my life and make me more grateful for them!

    I find that whenever I am feeling down the thing that cheers me up beyond belief is to just go out and try to make someone else happy. My wife and I collect and distribute food/clothing/books/whatever we can find, to the poor and needy, and most Christmas days we go to the local children's ward and hand out gifts, balloons and smiles to the kids there. For some years we would go and encourage the prisoners in one of the larger prisons in the area. Christmas in prison, imagine that! (I am not telling you these things to imply that we are something great, we are not great, in fact we are very ordinary, every day people with our own unique faults.)

    Everyone can be happy and have joy because everyone can bring joy to others. Or like Martin Luther King Jnr. said: "Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love."

  3. Very good post!!We should have more of this!!

    about the real life!!

    What is the art of happiness?

    i really dont know..but i have learned that to seek happiness only for myself does not give me either friend s or inner peace.I think we should rather try to not think so much about ourselves but try to experience how others do have it and try to bee a good person.I think that is the most important thing in life.To try to be a good honest person.We are all the same creations.And we all are sometimes lonlely afraid and struggling in life.What nice world we would have if we all were tolerant about our differences.Thanx for nice blog post!!wish you a all good.Regards from norway

  4. Love is the answer to all of humankind's problems, but these days it does seem in short supply. However, as long as we love the ones around us we can at least change our small part of the world!

    Maybe I'm a deluded idealist, but I am happy in my delusion!

  5. Hello Lanthus,

    Thank you. I am a bit ashamed of my own selfishness. You helped me a bit, however far you can be.

    You also help through your photography, that often have a purpose.