6 Oct 2013

Ghostly Figure in the Crypt.

Taken in the crypt of the Domkyrka in Lund, Southern Sweden.


  1. What a beautiful and peaceful image! With the person walking by in the back (with you, this is surely not unintentional...), this is a very good black and white with a good composition. Congrats.

    I'm finally back home as you can see! :-)

    1. Welcome "back" Roger! (Not that you were really "gone")

      Haha! You know me too well, I actually had to wait for quite a long time to get just the right person walking at just the right speed to get what I wanted. I often see the pic I want in my mind and have to wait, sometimes unsuccessfully, to fulfill my vision. Sometimes I only get what I want on the second or third visit, but such is the life of a photographer... ;-)

      Have a great day Roger!