26 Oct 2013

Photographing Artwork with the NIKKOR AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G

While the NIKKOR AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G may not be the ideal macro lens because of it's too short focal length it never-the-less certainly is a wonderful lens with tack sharp distortion free optics that are unrivaled at the price. Therefore it makes for a fantastic lens to photograph artworks like the painting below by talented local artist Birgitte Clark (who also happens to be my wife):

Here is a 100% crop from the painting:

I shot this only using window light and some white paper as a reflector to ensure even lighting across the painting. If the Sun was down I would have used two shoot through umbrellas and my Elinchrom lights but today the light coming into my office from outside was perfect.

The NIKKOR AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G is also very good for food and product photography and makes for quite a nice short portrait lens to take 3/4 length or environmental portraits.

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