14 Oct 2013

I think in FOV therefore I'm a photographer!

It's a funny thing being a photographer because I find that everywhere I go I see photographs I want to take. The worst part of it is that I tend to see everything in a "normal" FOV (field of view) which is not so unusual because my eyes just naturally see a, um, normal FOV. I say the worst thing, but of course that is actually a good thing because I can pick up my camera and get a bunch of pics really quickly without having to think a whole lot about it as it just comes naturally. The bad part is that when I don't have a camera with me I still find myself seeing the shots, and not being able to take them which leads to regret about not carrying my camera with me more and then I get home p-eed off with myself because I missed that shot of the double rainbow over the sundrenched city with dark stormclouds in the background that I will never ever see again!

I took my camera out with me today as I went scouting for an outdoor portrait session I'm having this weekend and I wanted to get the feel for where the golden leaves were at and whether it would make a nice backdrop for portraits or not. Then a rare occurrence during Swedish autumn, the sun came out and the light was gorgeous, soft and colour enhancing. I took my time and walked slowly and deliberately through the parkland near the Landskrona Citadel and with my favourite "normal" lens, the Nikon AF-S 35mm f1.8G, and a circular polarised filter attached to really get those colours popping. It was therapeutic in a beautifully relaxing way and two hours later my inner calm was in a full on laid back state. Life is good!

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  1. Granted, those colours are absolutely splendid. They don't astonish me though as I see this every autumn around here... :-)

    But composition is another story. At first I was not impressed until I opened the photo in fullscreen mode. THEN it is another story, and the photo appears in all its glory, very good geometry, this bench at the bottom left corner, quite something! And the house partially seen at the right, I like very much.

    Very good work, Lanthus.