31 Jan 2024

Two Angles of Views Across the same Öresund Strait

Two views over the Öresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark today, one with the 50mm and one with the 16mm. Both were taken from almost the same spot about 18 minutes apart. The different angles of view give two different looking photos but to be honest, I like them both. The 16mm has a 180° field of view which is quite dramatic and can include the pier to the right, the stretch of beach to the left, as well as a good amount of foreground and sky, while the 50mm just looks straight ahead at the central part of that landscape. To my eyes both have sufficient visual appeal and drama to stand on their own. The 50mm is a much more versatile lens and can be used for pretty much any kind of photography while the 16mm is quite specific in what it can do and does it very well. For that reason I will still keep the 50mm semi permanently mounted to my camera. It's my favourite lens and I could happily take only that out and get pics I'm happy with all day long... but it is nice to be able to break the mould occasionally.


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