20 Jan 2024

Landskrona Citadel - 16mm Handheld Night Shot

As the title says took this one hand held after sunset with my Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye, a tiny and incredibly sharp old style "D" lens that performs great on any full frame camera. At night I tend to shoot at -1.7EV (or whatever negative compensation works best at the time) to get closer to the actual scene in front of me instead of having the camera try to expose to what it thinks is a well exposed shot but instead (at night) is actually overexposed. I also have auto iso set between 64 and 8000 to keep the shutter speeds as high as possible in low light, combined with the -EV I can generally get sharp enough pics hand held, after all... who wants to carry around a heavy tripod and have the hassle of setting it up and tearing it down after every shot? Not this lazy guy. 😎 The final stage is to process the raw file in DxO Photolab 6 which applies its own special magic pixie dust to produce the best possible result from the original file.

Anyway, here is the photo:

16mm, 1/25s, f5.6, ISO8000, -1.7EV, handheld

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