27 Jan 2024

Sails on the Roundabout

There is a roundabout in Landskrona where they have an art installation meant (I assume) to emulate sails in the wind. Landskrona is a coastal town so this is a fitting theme and actually I think they pulled it off quite well. In general the town keeps their roundabouts and parks, etc. in very good nick and take a pride in providing it's inhabitants with very pretty surroundings to live in.

I took two photos, the first is taken with the 16mm fisheye and the second with a 35mm. I prefer the 16mm as it provides a more interesting composition, not everyone may agree.

The other interesting thing about using the ultra wide is that the first photo is taken on the roundabout itself only about one meter from the long grass in the foreground. The second pic was taken from across a two lane road. So I suppose the question is does one want aesthetically accurate or "artistic". The ultrawide fisheye look is not for everyone.

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