5 Jan 2013

One Bottle of Wine, One Light Tent and Two Elinchrom D-lite-it 4's.

A very simple set-up to photograph the bottle of Pomerol wine shown above:

The two Elinchrom 65x65cm soft-boxes fired through the sides of the light tent make for beautifully soft light. Next time I will add a few black flags inside the light tent to subtract strips of light in some areas of the bottle to add a bit more interest. As it is I think it turned out quite well.

Now for the best part, savouring the wine! (Where did I put the cheese and crackers?)

Nikon D300s, Manual Mode, f11.0, ISO200, 1/250s, Hand held, Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro, 80x80cm light tent, 2xElinchrom D-Lite-it 4's shot through their softboxes on either side of the tent.

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