13 Aug 2011

Seamless White Background - How To

Just in case anybody was wondering how complicated it is to do a seamless white background product photo shot like the one below, I have included a shot at the bottom of this post to show how simple it can be done.

...and the promised setup shot:

Really not complicated at all! The flash was triggered via Nikon's cool CLS system. The groovy light stand is explained at another post here.


  1. Check this out :)

  2. I have read that article by Zack Arias before, it,s very good... if you want a full scale life size/people size white seamless background.

    Mine is simple, small and easy to set up for mere mortals like me.

    Most people will only have one small strobe/speed-light and they very often feel like they can't do "product" shots and get pro results unless they buy a bunch of expensive studio lights and have a large scale set-up, like Zack.

    I like to see what the best is that I can do while using the least amount of expensive stuff.

    I have seen your own studio set-up, and you have a bunch of lights, which you probably spent a significant amount of cash on, and as a pro that is what you have to do to deliver a certain quality of product to your clients. But for Joe Average it is possible to get great results while not breaking the bank or losing the wife.

    The shot I did could be done even cheaper by simply bouncing the flash off a low white ceiling and dispensing with the cheap white shoot through umbrella.