19 Feb 2011

Waterfall at the National Botanical Gardens - Pretoria, South Africa last pic... for now.

The hardest part with long exposure waterfall shots like this is keeping the highlights from blowing out. It came out ok... ish.


  1. Oh really a great effect! Fantastic shot, thanks for sharing!

  2. You treated very well this classic theme and made a very good photo out of it, Lanthus. As far as burning the whites is concerned, you could have decided to bracket the shot to play it safe... just an idea. In this case, there is - maybe - only one spot that I would correct in post-treatment (near the top at the right). It's not burned (255-255-255), the max you can find being around 250-248-252 or thereabouts. It's near but it's OK IMHO. So maybe the best thing would be not to touch it... it's already a good shot.

    Roger, thinking with his feet

  3. I tend to underexpose these a little and then carefully manipulate it in PaintShop Pro to get the best I can out of it... but bracketing and blending will probably do a better job!

    Your feet are doing good!

  4. Thank you for sharing
    those beautiful work