6 Feb 2011

Death and Decay are part of the natural order of things.


  1. Why do you say that all of a sudden, Lanthus my friend? I know that to be absolutely, irrevocably true - nothing to be done. It's just that being part of it does not fill me with joy - not anymore. Possibly the lot of most of us as we get older, I suppose.

    I like the photograph, though I guess it would be at its best on a big print, something like 16x24 in.

    You've got guts. This is not an easy photograph. But then the road to creativity is never easy, as said someone with a bigger name than me.

    It's always interesting to look at your work as it often surprises me - and gives me fresh ideas.


  2. Death and decay are part of what make our world the wonder it is! It keeps the balance of nature optimal. It's only when we mess with stuff that it all gets screwed up.

    Glad you like the photo Roger!