16 Oct 2010

Welcome to the Free State!

Miles and miles of flatness:

But the people are great! Just love them!


  1. Me gustan mucho tus fotos y me gustaria ser seguidora tuya pero no se como hacerlo, o donde apuntarme. SALUDOS

  2. Haga clic en "seguir" botón de la derecha de la pantalla y siga las instrucciones.
    Tiene un gran día!

  3. ... in all its simplicity. From time to time, it's good to go back to the roots and use themes like this one. This photograph is not for the casual onlooker, it's way too simple for that, apparently!

    Yet, I played tricks with this photo in order to look at it in fullscreen mode. Maybe it's a personal kink, but it looked different. I am struck by the absolute convergence or diagonals in the far corner with a horizon line placed very high. All attention is on the never ending road, the sky not being very important. This is a good one.

    BTW, Mr. Clark, what's your usual name? I thought it was David and it is apparently Lanthus... :-)))


  4. This picture may look like a landscape at first glance, but it is actually an abstract representation of converging lines, tension filled composition, and texture. All else is peripheral to that vision.

    Of course it may just be a lousy monochrome landscape with a road after all! ;-)

  5. That's what I enjoy about art, well life really, we all see differently......

    What gives life so many frustrations sometimes, as the obvious isn't to many.

    Nice one & Cheers!

  6. Gazing at it once again, it is obvious (well, it appears so...) that the whole picture is a matter of converging lines. The power lines at the top bring us back to reality though. But I see what you mean...

  7. thank you!!!
    for the invitation and photo! :)