12 Oct 2010

The Aliens have landed!!

I was bored and decided to have a little fun with an LED flash-light, my tripod and a few victims willing volunteers!

Arrested by the Aliens!

Bedazzled by the Aliens!
Please be careful of those Aliens!


  1. Lemme giv ya mi fave ;)

    My inspiration for nightlife which I have no time for ;) And may be your inspiration to play with kids :)

  2. WOW! Those put my feeble attempts to shame! Well done.

  3. This one is PRO, well trained over years of doing only this like shots. However he have one set with his tools used for photoes: bulbs, candles, fireworks etc, buy some, take kids or friends and ask them to goof around in the middle of the night :)

    I need to take my friends to do some photos like that, but still - no time :(

  4. We're having fun here... and fun it is indeed. Olesku is right: some pros can prepare themselves over a long period of time before doing this. I, for one, do not have the time... but would love to do it! :-)