29 Oct 2010

Convex Mirror for my Strobist DIY Beauty Dish!

My Convex Mirror for my Strobist DIY Beauty Dish arrived at Midas in Centurion today, so I went and picked it up! It was a grand total of R25 (US$3.27), so not too bad.

Here it is by itself:

And here it is mounted inside the CD spindle cover:

The idea is that the convex mirror will throw more of the light from my SB600 flash into the white bowl of my Strobist DIY Beauty Dish and distribute it more effectively towards my victims willing volunteer models. More light is always a good thing in photography.

The ugly mug hiding behind the camera is me.

Sample photos to follow soon, watch this space!


  1. Victims, tfu!, rewiiiiind, volunteers gonna shine like a stars now ;D

  2. I thought they gonna shine nad here it is - one glowing victim* I wrote about minutes ago ;)

    * hope he like this enought to be real volunteer** ;)

    ** chillout, he will be when he will start dating seriously and will be needing gooood shots for social portals full of girls ;)