24 Oct 2009

How (and Where) to Develop Film in the Digital Age

Great, informative article here:
How (and Where) to Develop Film in the Digital Age


  1. I had so much trouble with those kinds of outfit that I ended up at a high-volume, very high-quality photo store in the City, at more than twice the price. That was the end of the scratch and dust problem, and all of a sudden life expectancy went up.

    You know what I think about DSLRs. I will publish a post in a few weeks
    about the gigantic differences between a medium-priced DSRL and a high-eng, full-sensor behemoth. How pro lenses behave with each, their limits and all that. In a way, it's rather astonishing - and the maths, though complex, easy to do for a scientist. In other words, there are DSLRs, and then there are the thoroughbreds!

    Shooting in jpeg is the equivalent of killing pictures before they're born - any decent film will beat that hands down. Most people shoot in jpeg format however, and I am astounded.

    Shooting in jpeg will never allow you to do decent black and white with a DSLR - any DSLR.

    A high-end DLSR, in RAW mode, will give you such control over black and white that I doubt if film can reach such a level. But then you're in for a lot of money as there is no free lunch here. Canon and Nikon know that pretty well when they fix the price of their high-end cameras. Stratospherically-priced DSLRs, to be used with similar-priced lenses.

    This is always a very interesting subject. And I readily admit that the careful photographer will get high-class black and whites from good film.

    Roger G.

  2. In the end it comes down to the vision of the artist and the skills he or she has to realize that vision. Whether that is digital or film really does not matter in the greater scheme of things.

    Have a look at what this master does with film and you will see what truly ancient equipment can do in the hands of a master.
    Give that stuff to me and I will create crap. ;-)
    Then if you look at the digital photographic art at www.1X.com you can see it really doesn't matter what you use as long as you create, and stay true, to your own artistic vision.