16 Nov 2015

Film Noir Style "Strobist" Portrait

Decided to try something a little more dramatic today and shot this film noir style portrait with a snooted Nikon SB 910 shooting from high camera right directed down to Ellie's face and a snooted Nikon SB 700 splaying some light onto the background from camera left and slightly lower than Ellie's head. Both Speedlights were triggered via Nikon's fantastic CLS wireless trigger system.

I am rather satisfied with the dramatic atmosphere of the portrait and I think it harks back quite well to the early Hollywood film noir movies.


  1. All women are beautiful, but there are a lot of bad photographers out there…

    I love this portrait. This kind of lighting does give much more dramatic results. It makes me think of Picasso. I know it's nonsense here, but you have a view from the front with only one eye in the light, and what strikes me as the second element is… her profile. A profile as seen from the front. I hope it does make sense. Very good.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Roger! I tried for a long time to get the lighting even and bright and modern, but lately I have decided to follow the old Hollywood lighting masters a little more closely and go with a more dramatic touch.

      ...and I understand what you mean about the profile, it is a good description.