8 Nov 2015

How to be a good Artist, Photographer, whatever...

Applies equally to anyone in the creative arts... ;-)


  1. Hey Lanthus, I had written you off, I thought you had abandoned your blog! I just stumbled on this gem by chance. So you're still there somewhere, good news.

    Well, this cartoon is funny but not funny. You knew that obviously. Right now I am deep into the second part of it, and even then the results are mediocre. It will come back I guess.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Roger! Welcome back, I missed your comments. I have been really busy with a new project that came my way and between that and the band I sing for I have kind of run out of time for the blog... ah well, such is life.

      Yes, the cartoon is a little funny/serious and I think I am somewhere wavering in between the two stages. I think a good healthy mix of hard work and barefoot magic is required in order to keep things sane! ;-)

  2. I'll give that some thought. Art is my fun time. My paid work is very serious, and photography is my relief from that. But then, I'm not trying to make a living at it......