1 Mar 2011

Promotional Photo for a Cover Band

As briefly mentioned in the comments here, yours truly can sometimes be found crooning cover versions of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. in restaurants, pubs and other shady joints. Above is a self portrait of myself and Ben trying to look "album coverish/promotional posterish" and failing miserably... oh well, at least we have fun!


  1. Looks pro :) Very pro :) like very pro rectangular cover of tape? You know, cover of CD or vinyl would be more squarish ;)

  2. HA! This was the poster version dude, I crop differently for CD covers. Of course we haven't actually recorded a CD yet so we don't need square yet...

  3. Ain't gonna see ur signatures made wit black permanent marker on this full-pro-dark-ground... quite tricky to be a fan ;)

    I'll be w8in for a standalone single promoting new album :D feel it's worth w8in ;)

  4. I'm sorely tempted to leave you an automated comment. like "thanks for showing this"..., but that would not do, eh? So I'll say that I am impressed, which is true. Impressed mainly by the ferocious air of the guy at the left... and by the very high quality of this shot, which is also true!. I smell a flash here, possibly two...