8 Mar 2011

I know which one I like...

...but which one do you prefer and why?

Maybe you could also share what you might have done differently.


  1. You know I'm a basic B&W person....The only thing that might have made a difference is using a green filter to pull out more variation in the foliage. I'm assuming though, that it is a digital image converted to B&W, or shot that way? I've never thought about it but what hapens when you shoot B&W digital and use and B&W filters?

  2. I'd have to vote for the B/W version. I think the contrasts in the photo just demand attention that only Black and White can give it.
    Great photo!

  3. @MyVintageCameras: The digitals can simulate filters when shooting in B&W mode, but I prefer to just shoot in raw and apply those later.

  4. Colours are quite pleasant - not oversaturated. Booriiing ;)) In case of one dominant colour I almost always say to go B&W and bet on shapes, not colors :)

    Second is my bet - more shapes than colours. Specially because all lines drive to nuts ;)

    I'd maybe try adding some vignette. Even very slight, it's my fav method to focus eyes on something else than corners :))

  5. My preferred one is the one you didn't show - in pure BW. BTW, in this case a green filter does give a bit more detail in the foliage but seem to kill the whole picture, I've tried it. A yellow filter gives very pleasing results, but then that's a matter of taste.

    You don't need RAW, though of course results would be much better with the original raw file. The real fun is with the Black and White command, that gives you limitless possibilities. :-) The fun of it...

  6. I find that I prefer the second (monochrome) shot in this case. However, I cannot call it B&W because to me it looks like a very slight brownish cast to it as opposed to the pure gray. I think I like it better that way.