19 Nov 2010

So if the previous one was ok...

is this one ok too?

... just thought I'd ask.


  1. In my opinion yes, it is ok. Maybe more light on the face, but it is ok like this to. I like the fact that the figure is not in the center. Good work.
    A great week-end!

  2. Cool, now tell me why it's better!

  3. Last one was overcontrasted kid.
    This one is handsome young man :)

    It has a nice light playing on hair dark light dark.

    It looks like quite diffused glam light - giving the glow effect on bright skin that this young men appeal 'clean' & 'fresh' even if his fingernails are dirty :)

    One thing may be missing - big silver reflector from bottom-left could make this shadows bit less dark (too dark on hairs in my opinion).

    Aaand a top of nose is overburned, by this is soo slight mistake that 99,9% observers won't even think of :)

    IMO very good light, great effect - while typical glam set dish on top + silver reflector from bottom would give glam effect - this one is glam in a mans style - with a bit of mistery in a second eye ;D

    PS: still, it's only my personal opinion ;)

  4. Ouïlle ! As we say in French! No my friend, you will not drag me into that one... :-)

    Or perhaps yes, why not? The question I refuse to answer is: which one is the best portrait of that young man? The value or your black and white lies elsewhere. It lies in pure, raw emotions, and has little to do with the young man himself.

    The black and white is much more powerful.

    Now technically, and this is one of the few rules that I SOMETIMES respect (ha ha), as far as the eyes are concerned, you did an A+ job in the black and white, but an ordinary one in the colour portrait. And this is in fact why the black and white carries so much power. The eye!

    So I maintain, as a portrait independent of the person, you did a first class job in the black and white, but not in the colour version.

    What do you say, now that I bring such praise to the black and white, my friend? :-)))


  5. @Olesku.pl This is the kind of comment I like because it helps me to grow, thanks!

    One question, how did you know his nails were dirty! ;-) Hehe! I agree on the reflector, and it will be used next time.

    Check out Rogers comment below yours, just goes to show, this stuff is very subjective.

  6. @Roger Always like your honest "from the heart" comments! And glad you like the b&w, it is my favourite too.

    The one above could be used for a "boy band" cd cover though. What do you think? ;-)

  7. As far as I remember, all teenage boys have dirty nails from time to time ;) and all teenage boys dream of being adult, drivin motorbike, cars, parties etc.

    So this one 'fits' for my opinion because I assume he rather want to look like young man than looking like boy :)

    Ask him and tell us ;)

  8. ;Boy band cd cover... yes maybe. But Santa Pizza! (my own very very mild swearing...) The other one has the killer look. I mean, it's a killer of a portrait, powerfully chiseled, not yet a full-grown male but strongly hinting at it.

    OK, OK, this is only an opinion after all... but I wish I had done this bw.

  9. "Santa Pizza"! Very strong words my friend! Hehe!! Never heard that one before, and I love it! I think I will begin to use it my self... see now you have led me astray.


    You made my day Roger!