17 Nov 2010

Photo too Overworked?

The fun of manipulating photographs digitally is all very well, but when does it become too much?


  1. No, I don't think so. Very much in the genre of fashion photography, also this high contrast style has been pretty popular with top camera guys for a while. It certainly directs you towards the eye. What I don't like is when people go Photoshop mad with HDR, colour shifts, posterization etc. etc. That's one reason I stopped Photoshop.
    Good portrait.

  2. Hi! In the nearest future I have an exam from portrait..in my photo-school..so I'm interested in that..I think..it's mystic..very real..suggestive..(my english is not too good)..white background is very impressive ..his hair, eyes...and shadows on his face...Maybe the left side is so dark..but it's my suggestion..you know..I like it..B.rgds...Phtotophile - I'm an amateur ..I learn it from better than me..like you!!:))

  3. OK, Lanthus, let me risk an iconoclastic opinion: It is never too much nor not enough. It all depends on what your trying to do, of course.

    I dumped some portraits after a full week of work, such is life. But some others will convey exactly what I want in a matter of hours, which is for me very short indeed.

    I claim for the "portraitists" the same rights that the painters granted themselves over the centuries. Take your shots, and after that do exactly what you want to do, as long as you know what you're doing. Total freedom. A new art is emerging from it.

    Portraits by Gauguin, portraits by Picasso, portraits by Yousuf Karsh, portraits by Lanthus Clark... and portraits by the Guy From Up North. All different.

    WE have the right, Lanthus, oh yes. Of course, one can make abominations with, or without, post-processing. Let's have fun while we can...

    Cheers, Roger

  4. ... In answering to the main argument, I forgot to comment the portrait itself. Burning white most of the image, placing half the face in total darkness is probably against all The Rules Of The Hated Book Of Rules. Why should you worry?

    This portrait is powerful. That's it, You could have used other techniques, placed the guy in harsh sunlight near a window, or done something totally different. By jove, look at all the periods Picasso when through... Some of his portraits could be considered as horrendous but are not at all...

    He dared. Others dared. Let us photographers and photographers that were experiment. Time is awfully short. A week on an image...

    More than my photographic gear, I live by Photoshop and my graphic tablet. This is my way and the result is, none of my work would win anything in any photo contest. But I'm in such a hurry, I have new ideas... will probably fail...

    Canon will not limit my "art", for what it's worth. Cheers, and thanks for reading, Lanthus. My keyboard is red hot!


  5. Too much? It sets a mood for sure..I love it!