6 Jun 2010

Homemade Flash Diffuser

Just trying some DIY and came up with this handy, homemade flash diffuser made from a margarine tub, bubble wrap, duct tape and a rubber band. Tech info: the bubble wrap is a double layer and I used a Stanley knife to cut the tub. ;-)

Not sure how it will work, if at all, but I will post sample pics as soon as I have some. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice one with that bubble wrap, haven't seen this DIY solution before :)

  2. Ha, not sure it will work at all... but as soon as I have some spare time I will try it out and post pics.

  3. It should diffuse over each bubble so it will be muuuuuch better than normal Stofen :)

    Moreover, this all bubble wrap lemme think that cutting off sides and taping bubble wrap on them also may work kinda like lightsphere :))

    I like lightspheres but they're bit heavy when working couple hours with one on :))

    And this one's cheaper :D

  4. This one is most certainly not heavy, and it was quite cheap... as in free! I'm not confident that it will be too effective, I'll wait and see.

  5. I made one after seeing your posting. Mine is rounded shape with single bubble wrap (the bubbles side facing the flash) about 4" diameter x 2.5" depth. The lighting is definitely softer than a straight flash or ceiling bounce. Thanks for your tutorial and for inspiring us to DIY!