25 May 2010

Plane in a Dramatic Sky


  1. Dramatic, indeed. It makes the oncoming plane ominous.

  2. Envie de voyage peut être ?

  3. Yes sir, quite dramatic & beautiful, too! Nice!

  4. Nice. It looks like I could reach up and grab the plane out of the sky.
    Thank you for all your information on computers, etc. You left some good details and I'm going to look into GIMP.
    By the way, I love film too. I would like to use it more often, but the only lab I trust to process it is quite far from me.

  5. Trusty labs are my biggest headache right now. The best one in SA is 1400km from where I live...

  6. Found your photo blog via a couple of others in-between. I use Ilford FP4 & HP5 for all my b&w stuff. I have thousands of old Kodachrome slides which see the light of day on some posts. For colour today I'm lazy and use digital. I have a whole range of kit, some of which is on the sidebar to my site. I'll follow yours to see what you are doing with the Nikon.

  7. Hi John

    I've actually been following your blog for some time and seen some of your comments here and there on other blogs. I really like what you are doing photography wise, your pictures are fantastic!

    I have been using film for some time now and just prefer the look I get from it compared to my 350D. Maybe it's just because the Rebel is a small frame camera, not sure. The Nikkor 50mm f1.8 certainly helps.

    You have an awesome camera collection there, I drool every time I visit your blog. ;-)

    I noticed you have several pics from Denmark, do you visit often? Or did you live there? My wife is Danish, so was just interested. We might go there towards the end of next year.

    Have a great day!

  8. Hi,
    My first wife was Danish and I lived there 79-88, I worked in Copenhagen. My son and daughter live and work over there and we go back there occasionally. Copenhagen is a great city for cameras.

  9. Hi, it's true, it's the same issue as in Lizzy's blog, and yet the two images differ significantly in the statement. Each has its own way very special. Your picture has a spectacular statement by the dramatic sky and the captivating clarity. Great work, congratulations!

  10. Oh wow, i see what you mean about similar themes! I love this shot! By the way, thank you for commenting on my blog, now i have found yours! I look forward to catching up on your work. :) Lizzy

  11. Hi Lanthus,
    I am trying to post some coments here ... out from Firefox, but it does not work, so I have to open the IE, which I do like ... mmhhh. Anyway ..
    Do you have a idea why I cant not poste it from my FX? ... anyway
    You have some realy nice photos in your blog and in your hp as well. Great work ... realy.
    It is very nice to meet you.
    Kind Regards

    PS. Do you live in SA? ...

  12. No idea why Firefox doesn't post. I used Firefox myself until the last update which suddenly caused my Firefox to became very unstable. So I switched to Opera... and it wasn't so great... so I tried Chrome for the first time and voila! Everything works, even my banks website! Try it, you just might like it.

    And yes, I live in South Africa, Pretoria to be exact.

    Nice to meet you too!

    Have a great day!

    PS: I had a look at your MOMENTS OF BEING blog, and the photos are outstanding! You certainly seem to know what you are doing.

  13. Thank you for your response. ...mmhhh I don't like to use various browser, because I am happy with FX for many years.
    Ok, I will look on the weekend if there a solution for this.
    Many thanks for your "flowers".
    I will come back ...

    PS. I would translate the name of my blog "Momentos de vida" in "Moments of live" ... but it is interesting how other people take this. Could (I am writing all time "cloud" at first) you tell me please, how you found my blog?

  14. Google Translate translated your blog title as Moments of Being, but I prefer Moments of Life! I had to translate your blog twice because it is both Spanish and German, very interesting!

    I honestly don't remember how I found your blog, but I often "crawl" the web looking for good blogs and I presume that is how I found yours.

    Firefox is catchy, I must admit. And usually very good.

  15. .. hahaha ok! Thank you ...
    We "see us" on the week end!
    And alway "Good light" on your way's
    Hasta el fin de semana (up to the weekend)
    It is realy a pleasure.

  16. Have a great one, and remember your camera!

  17. Saw your comments on scanners; mine is a Minolta Dimage Dual III which I have had for a few years. Takes time but I'm retired so what the hell.

  18. That's price we pay for our "art"!