10 Mar 2010

Minor disaster useing the Olympus Trip 35

I think I must have had a defective roll of film, my first ever, because it simply pulled very easily out of the canister when it got to the end. Not really knowing what happened, and not having a dark room, I opened the camera and discovered the fatal problem. Oh well, now I can re-shoot the same shots and do them better! (me being positive!)

At least this means I could finally look under the pressure plate for the date of manufacture code and can now say with certainty that my Trip 35 was manufactured in March 1969. That makes it 41 years old! My hat off to Olympus for great build quality!

In my initial post I never included a pic of the original leather pouch it came with so here is the poor hapless battered wreck... but it does still work!

More to come soon...


  1. As said on ODP - Lucky you to pick this fine item up , you will get the best results out of it with (ASA) 25 to 100 rated film - now iso - in b/w or colour. ASA 200 was fast and 400 hyperspeed. The slow film will work best with the lightmeter. That really used to be the ultimate point & shoot you could ever hope to get.

  2. Thanks for the advice Gene, I will try it out once the 400 speed film is done. I have a roll of Velvia 50 lying around that I would like to try out.