2 Nov 2013

Continuing with the wine theme...

Photograph of a 1978 Castillo San Simon wine from Spain. Not opening this one. Maybe someday...

Two Nikon speedlights, one gridded and one snooted, on light stands and fired by a Phottix Strato wireless trigger system. Bunch of stuff from the kitchen for decor. Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4.


  1. Well, you threw the Hated Book of Rules right through the window and decided to put the bottle of liquid Spanish stuff almost right in the middle. Very good, I like photographers that play by the book from time to time only.

    And it makes a very good image indeed. Rather dark, subdued, it has the proper atmosphere. I suppose it would have been too common to include a glass of wine with some wine in it, right? I almost expected it, but I'm absolutely certain that you did it on purpose (of course), and in fact it adds a little something to the feeling.

  2. Rules? There are rules? ;-)

    Dropping the wine glass was a very concious decision based on the fact that I had no intention of opening the bottle. A little Freudian perhaps? ..or maybe a little more Pavlov's dog than I would care to admit? Haha! The mind works in mysterious ways...

    I am thrilled that you understood the atmosphere as I was very careful in my preparation and planning while laying out this whole scene and creating the lighting. The bottle of wine is very old and not shiny at all so I wanted to create a photograph that matched the look of the wine. I also tried to get the colour looking a little less digital and a slight bit more film like.