4 Feb 2013

"On Location" Studio Portrait Shoot

I shot a series of portraits for a someone over the weekend and decided to share this one simply because this wonderful man's face really caught my eye, some people are just great to photograph and he was a natural!

I had a load of fun and was reminded once again that I am in this because I love working with people, and seeing them happy with something as personal as their portrait just makes my day!

A simple three light set-up to get a nice looking portrait with some realistic depth. The whole shebang packs up into one rolling suitcase that you can spy on the table on the left. This is all really easy to cart around to clients and use on location. Keep in mind that this was taken with a wide angle lens and the result is that due to spatial distortion my wife looks very far away from the two front lights when in reality she was much closer.

The portrait at the top was taken with the wonderful and super cheap Nikkor 50mm f1.8D attached to a Nikon D300s.

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