13 Dec 2011

Todays Coffee!

At the end of a long hot day shooting kids with Santa in Mall@Reds, it just makes the day a little better, one of lifes pleasures! A "Serious Cappucino" from Mugg and Bean.

Nikon D90, Aperture Priority, Nikon 40mm f2.8 Micro, 1/250s, f3.0, ISO200, hand held.


  1. Good! And right... Pray tell me, how come the liquid ain't horizontal? Just having a bit of fun... :-)

  2. Well, because we are down south in Africa, on the underside of this globe we call Earth, gravity affects us differently to you guys up in the Northern parts and so we have to have our tables at an angle to accomodate the lay of our coffee in the cup.

    About that bit of fun! Hehe! ;-)