16 Nov 2011


Another day another product shoot!

Nikon D90, manual mode, 200ISO, f11, 1/200s, Nikon 50mm f1.8D, Nikon sb700 and sb600 bounced in umbrellas left and right high. Set-up shot below.

Stock card seamless white background held up against the wall by duct tape. No photographer should ever be without duct tape!

This would have worked much better with a light tent... but I don't have one. Someone recently told me that photography is about problem solving, so sometimes you just gotta make a plan!
Note to self: get a light tent...


  1. Ha! Duct tape, the ultimate tool, right in one's pocket! :-)))

    Well, this seems to be a very simple setup but in truth I am almost certain that it needs a lot of adjustment. You need to have the right angle, lights correctly positioned and all that. I know I have a simpler setup ('cause I'm lazy...) and there is always something wrong, just a bit off see? The way you placed your background seems to be about ideal and I suppose that you get used to it...

    If it works for you, don't buy anything! This is quite a good shot, nothing against it, it's about perfect. You could get more contrast if you wanted, but this is a matter of choice, nothing else.

    Congrats on the workmanship.


  2. after more than 2 years without check your block im enjoying how you kept your style and still posting really man, just miss when you gave us this kind of tutorials, i still using this techniques!


    1. Great to have you back, and thank you for the kind words!