5 May 2011

Sometimes you have to get down and dirty!

In this case it was down on my belly in the aisle of a packed church with people looking at me funny... but I got the shot I wanted!

Note to self: humility is good for me.


  1. "Mem, please step aside, pro in action!" :))

  2. Ha! Very good photograph! Your comment about it is so funny that I'm still laughing...

    Tell me, did you smile at them people looking at you funny? THAT is funny too! All of a sudden they don't see you at all anymore, you could be part of the floor...

    You know, I've always thought that this is a Right Given From Above too all photographers, I mean, the right to make people think that you are stupid or something...

    Sorry if I do not comment often these days. It's the free for all here, preparing this one-month trip to France beginning on May 16. But I do visit regularly, you're an inspiration, you know that.


  3. @Olesku.pl: HaHa!

    @Roger: Glad you like the photo, and also happy to provide some amusement! I happen to think it is the God given right of all humans to look rediculous from time to time! Ha!

    I have also not been too active lately, too busy trying to earn a living...

    Enjoy France!