13 Sept 2010

Another from the same session

It's amazing what a big difference the cheap budget shoot through umbrella makes to portraits as opposed to direct flash. A definite step up in terms of quality! The diffuse light falls off much more gently, and gives a nicer, more natural look. One day I want to step up to more powerful studio lights, but until then my existing flash units look like they can handle these smaller jobs.


  1. IMO much better :)

    From time I bought chinese radio transmitters I'm using two or three remote flashlights with umbrellas or some diy addons. Two flashes and umbrellas - best mobile portrait studio ever :D

  2. I think that's a good point, the mobility of flash units and umbrellas. With a set of proper studio lights things can get heavy and a pain to move very quickly, but my flash stays small and the umbrella folds up really small.

  3. I've never got into studio or portraits, only done street shots, but I can see what you mean about the umbrella; lot better than direct or bounce flash.

  4. Flashlight torch is burried deep inside the body - with umbrella too close to face it may still produce too much straight light. To diffuse even more, I'm often using stofen-alike plastic diffuser + white-transparent umbrella.

    It's great if you have an ultra-mobile mini umbrellas about only 50cm diameter :)) they are awesome because of the short central pin - you may pack it into backpack easily :)

    To diffuse before umbrella you may use something like:
    much lighter than Lightsphere and much more mobile :) (takes less place in backpack :D)

    Effects of one small umbrella + plastic + flashlight carried in hand:
    Impossible without flash, too harsh with naked flashgun :)

  5. Cool! Thanks for the info, and your pics look great too.

  6. Fastest mobile studio?
    - two clips like this:
    - two umbrella holders like this:
    - two doors / chairs / anything else to use as tripods ;)))
    - two manual flashguns + remote trigger

    And you can have studio anywhere :D

  7. I like the idea of the clip with a mount attached. Should be easy enough to make myself... if I wasn't so lazy! Ha!

    I actually attached my umbrella to an old tripod I have had from some years and it works ok but is a little too short. It really needs to be high enough to be above tallish people that are standing. As it is now my subjects have to sit down on a stool. The clips could solve that problem, if I could find something high enough to clip them onto.

  8. Doors - about 2m height when opened and clipped from top :) or PVC pipe hanged under ceiling :)

  9. Too clever! Well done!

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Or in my case, lack of funds makes me have to put my brain to actual creative use!

  10. Men, I have a lot of DIYs:
    - honeycombs from black drink straws
    - softboxes from cardboards + alufoil + tissue-papers ;)
    - bubble-foils
    - 'barndoors' from black cardboard
    - ringflash from plastic bowl + alu foil + semi-transparent material :)
    - color filters from LEE sample filter pack to colorize backgrounds or to make my flash tungsten :)

    All of them are with velcro to put on/off fast. All of them are very cheap and handmade without much effort :)

    It's worth trying (for these cheap), effects may be stunning :))

  11. Beautiful woman and photography : natural.

    Best Regards.

    . PHILIPPE .

  12. Direct flash, a photo killer through and through... Your setup is much more portable than any reflectors setup. But those can also give amazing results... I like what you get with that "cheap" system. Let's not be snub, only the result is important IMHO.