4 Jul 2010

A Velvia 50 Sunset!

Nikon f801s, Junky Quantarray 35-80 zoom, Fuji Velvia 50, scanned with a CanoScan 5600F, edited in the GIMP.


  1. Velvia has really done a good job on this one.

  2. wow .. I love veliva to!
    Many thanks for your comment! When I take the foto of the cornfield, I was on the way at home after my job. I am riding all days with my bicycle (ca. 18 km) ... it's my little sport, but it's not enough. Damn!!
    I love this foto realy ... and I was very surprised about the few reactions. When I saw the sence, I thought ... great!
    Thank you very much ... you make my day :)
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Great photo!!! The nature show us sth incredible...amazing...