1 Jul 2021

P'tit Bleu - a Quick Grab Shot...

 My wife came back from a trip to Marseilles with a tiny bottle of P'tit Bleu which is the most remarkable blue colour you have ever seen. Had to take a photograph of course... 😎 So I grabbed my Olympus E-M5mk2 and attached the excellent Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens. I used my home bar as a studio, turned on the lights above the shelf and my phone's flash-light for front fill, had to ask the wife to hold the phone and point the light. 😁 


22 Jun 2021

Best Travel Camera?

I have a range of different cameras, from film to aps-c to full frame to Micro Four Thirds,  but which is the camera I grab when I'm travelling, or going for a camera walk in town, or going on a motorcycle trip? Well it's my trusty and very compact Olympus OM-D E-M5mk2 and the wonderful 17mm f1.8 lens. They are truly tiny and easy to slip in anywhere or ride with while dangling from a strap. I also have the very excellent Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens that has image quality in spades and is very versatile, but it is bigger and heavier than the 17mm by a long shot and the E-M5 always feels somewhat unbalanced with it attached. Add the very tiny Olympus 45mm f1.8 in a spare pocket to pair with the 17mm and you are covered for a good range of shots anyway. I truly hope that the MFT system stays around for a very long time, what a pleasure to carry it about!

Here is a quick comparison pic of a full frame and an MFT body side by side, add similar focal point lenses to them and the size difference grows exponentially. I know which one I would rather lug about on a trip.

Here are a couple of pics taken while travelling by motorcycle through some Swedish forest a while back:

11 Jun 2021

Sunset in Landskrona

I went for a walk down to the beach-front to get some pics of the sunset. I took along my wonderfully small and light Olympus OM-D E-M5mk2 with the super sharp 17mm f1.8 lens. Today I ran them through DXO Photolab 4.

29 May 2021

Very Green Swedish Forest

 While driving home earlier today we happened to drive through a section of beautiful natural Swedish forest that was just a really gorgeous hue of green. Stopped by the side of the road, grabbed my OM-D E-M5mk2 with the 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens attached and shot a few hand held photos.

Sunrise Over the Baltic

 My wife and I were on a short trip to Kivik on the East coast of southern Sweden this week and yesterday morning we got up early to catch the sunrise and it was worth every moment of sleep missed!

I took along my favourite travel camera, the tiny Olympus E-M5 mk2 and the excellent Olympus 12-40 f2.8 PRO lens. As you can see in the pics below this Olympus combo is more than capable of producing excellent quality photographs to satisfy the travel photographer on the go. All these photos were taken at f8 and hand held. I ran the raw images through the fantastic DXO PhotoLab 4 processing program.

3 Mar 2021

D750 - Shooting in the Dark

 On my early morning walk to work today there was a little mist about and I decided to shoot a few pics. I am not claiming that any of these are any good artistically but what struck me is how good the D750 shoots in the dark at high ISO's. I could get much better results using a tripod and low ISO's but who has time for that on the way to work? 😊

All these were taken hand held, manual mode, 1/40s, f4.0 & ISO3200 and the lens was my spectacular Nikkor 50mm f1.8G "nifty fifty". I ran these briefly through DXO Photolab 3 and these are the results.

26 Feb 2021

Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan) Olympus E-M5 Mk2 & M.Zuiko ED 12-40 f2.8 Pro @ ISO800, 12mm, f2.8, 1/13s, -0.7ev, hand held.

17 Feb 2021

Winter View Over the Öresund

Winter View Over the Öresund. 

Snow, frozen sea and grey looming clouds complete the view over the Öresund to Denmark on the opposite side.

Nikon D750, NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. Handheld.

Light, Form and Texture 4

 On a discovery of minimalist black and white photography where light, form and texture are more important than subject matter.

Nikon D750 & NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. Handheld.

2 Aug 2020

Harbour in Landskrona

Hotel Öresund to the left & boats parked outside.

Nikon D750, Nikkor 50mm f1.8G. Handheld.

21 Jul 2020

Landskrona Stadshuset (cityhall)

One more from my walk Friday evening with my camera and the fantastic Nikon 50mm f1.8G lens. I put that lens on my camera about a year ago and I like it so much I haven't bothered to remove it. It's a lot more versatile than one would imagine and the image quality is simply wonderful!

19 Jul 2020

Minimilist Sunset

Taken with my trusty 50mm f1.8. Spectacular lens that costs very little, best value for money when doing a cost vs image quality assessment.