12 May 2024

The Battle of Bunketofta Memorial

While out scouting for photos today I drove past an interesting looking scene with trees, flowering rape and a green lane leading through the rape uphill towards the trees. After doing a semi-illegal u-turn at an intersection (all in the name of art...) I pulled in to this scene:

Kinda interesting with the wonderfully saturated summer colours, the leading lines and culminating in a point of interest. Not a great pic but certainly worth stopping for. Then I took a walk up the green lane towards the trees and took another photo:

That is when I noticed that there was something amongst the trees, just what it was I didn't know, but it piqued my interest. So yet closer:

Turns out to be a historical monument as a memorial to something called the Battle of Bunketofta. Why on earth it isn't marked on the roadside is a mystery and I think this needs to be addressed. If you can read Swedish then there is a short Wikipedia page in Swedish here: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slaget_vid_Bunketofta but if you don't understand Swedish then here is the plaque that is at the site that actually gives much more information:

So quite a good find for the day even it was purely by chance. If you are ever in the area then look it up.

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