8 Nov 2023

DXO Photolab 6 DeepPRIME XD

There was a time when I used to go out with my camera after sunset when the light is just magical and of course I would drag along a tripod to keep the camera steady while using longer shutter speeds and low ISO to get the cleanest photographs possible. Those days are now behind me.

With the Nikon D850 I can use higher ISO and combined with a vibration reduction lens still get sharp & reasonably clean photographs that are perfectly usable. It really sets me free to move about as I please and get the shots I need quicker and more efficiently. However when needed I can also step up to ISO 8000 which under closer scrutiny can be quite noisy anyway, still usable but at 100% viewing size it lacks quite a bit. However the folks at DXO have solved this problem.

The following photo was taken under very low light conditions, hand held. It is sharp, nicely exposed & at normal viewing sizes it is very usable. But if I wanted to print it out at a larger size it would not be as clean as I would like. But now DXO Photolab 6 DeepPRIME XD has revolutionized how I shoot, I am free to shoot at very high ISO and still end up with a clean image to print.

First up the original, resized to use online and looking quite good. The next photo though is a 100% crop in the center of the full size image and as you can see it is very noisy. The second is a 100% crop on the DeepPRIME XD cleaned up image. It is sharp, clean and hasn't lost any detail. Very impressive result. The last photo is the full photo, cleaned up and resized to the same size as the first, uncleaned photo.

Make up your own minds but I am going to keep shooting this way because it really works for me. Well done DXO!


Oh, and I think that may be a drone above the church. Never even saw it at the time.

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