23 Jul 2014

Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF-S G still my favourite Portrait Lens!

Every time I shoot this gem of an 85mm lens it embeds itself more firmly as my favourite portrait lens regardless of whether I am shooting head and shoulders or full length portraits. (For full length I just stand further back...) This portrait was shot at f2.8 on my crop sensor Nikon D300s and the backgrounds are just wonderful!

It is also not at a ridiculous price point and would generally be within affordable reach of most people who spent much more than the price of this lens on a new Nikon dslr body anyway. The small(ish) expense is certainly worth the jump in IQ that it provides.


  1. It's got nice bokeh. A bit sharp edged on lights, but very nice. This is a very similar look I get with my canon 60mm prime(96mm on FF). Great shot

  2. A fine picture with great bokeh

  3. It's a great lens. I've been utilising the Nikkor 40mm recently, and although the F-Stop isn't quite as low, it's great lens. Having a lens fixed at 40mm or 85mm really makes you think more about your picture, or portrait in this case. Which by the way, is a great portrait!