25 May 2013

Photo Shoot Your Way to Sales Growth - from TIME Business & Money

There is an interesting article on TIME's website in the Business & Money section that says what we knew all along! ;-) Click on the link below:

Photo Shoot Your Way to Sales Growth


  1. We've experienced some really bad in house photography where I work. They seriously need to hire a professional photographer! Even our badge ID photos are unrecognizable, which doesn't say much for our security.....

    1. It always amazes me how many people are so totally clueless about how important it is to their corporate image to have decent presentable photography on their websites, brochures, magazines, public displays and yes even id cards.

      Consumers are very impressionable and when they see shoddy work from a company that company can very quickly develop a negative reputation no matter how good they are at their actual business.

      The few extra bucks they pay to have a professional do their photography today will more than pay for itself in customer perception and loyalty in the long term.