24 Apr 2013

Krönetorps Mölla photographed with Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX AFS

You may remember that I posted a photograph of Krönetorps Mölla in Sweden in June last year here: A "Normal" focal length Prime Lens as a Landscape Lens. Well, this one was shot on the same day but I zoomed in by walking several hundred meters closer than I was in the other shot and caught the sun a little lower down in the sky and hence a little warmer. I like the almost painterly feeling of the photo which is achieved by the wonderfully soft lighting.

Photography is all about the light, and to get your pictures a step up in mood and quality it is worth developing a patient attitude towards what you are doing and not rush it. If that means waiting all alone for hours on end in all kinds of weather, then so be it. But I can guarantee that you will be getting more keepers that way. When I am in a hurry I hardly ever get anything I would like to print and hang on the wall, but when I slow down, apply some thought to the process and savour the moment for it's beauty then my keeper count soars!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful end-of-the-afternoon shot. But I knew you had used a polarising filter… :-)))

    Early morning, late in the afternoon, or evening shots often get you spectacular images. But I've found that you can get beautiful pictures at any hour - you simply must look for something else. Great macros during the afternoon... Great landscape during the day are a bit like fishing for big trout: a lot of fun… if luck is on your side!

    The way you placed the horizon here - rather low but not too much - allowed you to have all that yellow in the lower part while giving this sky all the space it needed. Good work.