15 Apr 2014

Sunset over the Öresund

I took this photograph from the crest of a hill overlooking the Öresund between Sweden and Denmark with the island of Ven between the two on the left side of the photograph. Below is a picture taken with my cell phone camera of the camera on a tripod and my bicycle waiting patiently for me to get finished and take it back home.

14 Mar 2014

Jetty on the Öresund

Long exposure photograph during the day made possible through a combination of an overcast sky, a small aperture, an ND8 neutral density filter and a good tripod. Still only managed to squeeze out 13 seconds, but it was enough to totally smooth out the water.

9 Mar 2014

Die Ou Melkery

An old abandoned milking shed/dairy on a friends farm in the Freestate province of South Africa.

7 Mar 2014

Blue and Yellow Flowers

I posted a sunset a few days ago so now I have to post a picture of flowers. It's compulsory! ;^)

Have a great weekend everybody!

21 Feb 2014

Mail Merge in Mozilla Thunderbird

For anybody wondering how to do a simple mail merge in Mozilla Thunderbird there is a wonderful add-on available that makes it all very easy even for a dummy like me. I regularly send out news letters by email and have several hundred recipients on my mailing list, the Thunderbird mail merge add-on makes this as easy as riding a bicycle, unless you can't ride a bicycle, then it's as easy as something else that you can do easily. Well, you know what I mean. ;-)

You can download the add-on here:

Mail Merge 3.7.1

...and then simply follow the instructions lower down the page to install and use. Easy peasy!

29 Jan 2014

Fireworks over Landskrona's Harbour Area

Another one from New Years Eve where the slow shutter speed and steady prevailing breeze caused the fireworks to streak into interesting shapes.

23 Jan 2014

Landskrona Watertower at Night

Taken at 22.50 on a warm Swedish summer night there is still plenty of light in the sky to provide a really lovely blue. Trapped in the depths of winter, as we are now, I look forward to late night cycle rides with my camera and tripod once again!

19 Jan 2014

Landskrona Citadel in Winter

Nikon D300s and Nikkor 18-105mm lens, tripod, Aperture Priority, f/11, 20s, ISO 200, at 18mm, triggered off camera via Phottix Strato, basic RAW editing in DxO and fine tuned in Corel PSP. All while freezing my butt off at 16.55 on a Swedish winter afternoon. Worth it. :-)

17 Jan 2014

Taking Photos in Freezing Scandinavian Weather

This evening I went out to take some winter style photos near the Landskrona Citadel and after a while I was almost regretting my decision because of the ice cold wild and fine sleet. Despite having gloves, woolly hat, insulated winter boots and a very thick jacket it didn't take too long before I was desperately cold. On a positive note the D300s kept shooting in those horrible conditions without skipping a beat, but the battery was dropping charge somewhat faster than normal.

Once I got home and looked at the photographs on my computer screen (and I was warmer) it certainly seemed worth the minor inconvenience so I suppose I'll get out there again soon! :-)

13 Jan 2014

Scandinavian Sunrise over Landskrona - a Panorama

This morning we were treated to a spectacular Scandinavian sunrise which I rushed to capture for posterity. Sunsets and sunrises may be cliché, but somehow we never get tired of their beauty!

Hand held 5 shot panorama from my D300s and the wonderful 18-105mm plastic fantastic kit lens, stitched in Microsoft ICE.