21 Aug 2017

Portrait of a Girl

Portraiture photography is my outright favourite type of photography, whether studio, location, corporate or wedding photography, I find the experience of interaction with my subject intriguing and totally wonderful. When you develop a good rapport with your "model" and bring out the best in their character to capture forever in a beautiful portrait is the most satisfying part of photography to me.

Technical crap in case it matters to you:
Two Nikon Speedlights, one through an umbrella from camera right and above, one from behind the subject through a small plastic diffuser. Both speedlights were triggered via Nikon's wireless infrared "CLS" control system. Edited in the GIMP and quickly resized in Picasa. Nikon D300s and Nikkor 85mm f1.8, @ 1/200th, iso200, f2.8.

16 Feb 2017

Food Photography, with whatever camera you happen to have on hand...

I originally (many years ago) trained as a chef in South Africa and I was quite good at it (if I say so myself) but circumstance and providence led me along other paths for many years. However a couple of years ago I received a good offer and took up a position as a chef at a company here in Sweden. This has of course left me with less time to pursue my love of photography, hence the slowing down to a crawl of this blog.

At work I have been called on many times to photograph dishes for the company website and the requesting always comes when the only camera I have with me is my phone camera. I do not have the latest and greatest, but I have found that with my old Samsung S5 and the incredible Snapseed photo manipulation software for Android I can get amazingly good results. While the fine detail and colour management I get from my DSLR is undoubtably much MUCH better I think that at internet resolution the photo below is just great!

Bear in mind that this was taken, edited and published directly from my phone with only window light in between my normal duties as a chef. It is no wonder then that camera sales are plummeting and photographer jobs are scarcer by the day...